The Mask of the Black Sun – Call of Cthulhu Game Module Now Out

Apparently I’m a game designer too now. Or at least a module creator for an existing system.

My module for the 7th Edition of the pen and paper game system Call of Cthulhu RPG was just finalized and released over on Drive Thru RPG.

The Mask of the Black Sun – A Taggart Agency Mystery

You can get your copy priced at “pay what you will” which could be anything from free to five bucks to whatever you want.

Putting the module together has been a bit of a long road.

It was based off a game session I created and ran with the guys during the COVID Pandemic. However, that session was also based off a previously written and unreleased short story involving some of the characters and locations.

After we played the scenario through, I then compiled it into a document and originally sent it to the folks at Chaosium (the publishers of the game system) who gave it a favourable review and some helpful criticism.

From there, I was pointed to the Miskatonic Repository, where most of the materials for the game system live that are created by the community.

A couple of edits later, including use from Canva, some public domain images, and PDF tools from The Homebrewery later and I got a module up and for sale.

My main hope, other than being able to actually promote it and get some traction on it, is to make a couple more of these while I still have the time.

Some of the flavour text I put together for it (which you can find on the site too):

“This is it – the case that will turn our fortunes around!” Cries Mike Taggart, as he hands you an Adair Company telegram that smells faintly of a woman’s perfume and contains an offer too good to refuse.

It’s no secret that the Taggart Agency, Salem Falls’ once prestigious detective agency has fallen on hard times. First, there was Mike’s longtime partner Solomon Drake calling it quits and starting his rival agency, and then Mike turned to the bottle, and, well, you know how the rest of it goes. Since then, the agency’s been on a slow, downward slide into obscurity, but Mike just received a promising telegram that has a solid case written all over it.

Elizabeth Parlee, one of the richest folks in town, wants someone to retrieve a mysterious relic – the titular Mask of the Black Sun – that was recently stolen. She claims it’s a priceless heirloom that reminds her of her recently departed and world-traveled husband, but rumours are that the mask was once used in rituals as strange as they were dangerous.

Who could have stolen the mask, and for what purpose? And why was this telegram addressed to Mike’s old partner Solomon anyways?

A 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Module for new and experienced players
The Mask of the Black Sun is a brief standalone campaign meant to be completed in a single game session (2-4 hours). It’s set in the fictional Canadian city of Salem Falls, New Brunswick and takes place during the classic Cthulhu era of the 1920s.

Some highlights from the campaign:

  • Send your investigators through a short scenario that involves investigative and combat elements, along with a few dastardly spells.
  • There are a number of ways in which the investigators can progress through the events, and some helpful tips for the keeper to push them along if they get stuck.
  • Experience a creepy build-up ripe with occult references and some shocking visuals to get your players spooked during the climax of the game session.
  • The Keeper will have the opportunity to roleplay various NPCs, including some goons from a rival agency who can interrupt events at opportune moments.
  • Players can take on the role of pre-rolled Investigators or create new ones for this session.
  • This is the first standalone campaign set within Salem Falls and the Taggart Agency. Stay tuned for additional adventures.

Module created by Alexander Nachaj of Quest & Cartridge.

As mentioned above, you can pick it up for whatever you want.

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