Heist – A Cyberpunk Crime Noir Novella by Alexander Nachaj

Out now from Black Hare press – Heist, a dystopian crime thriller from Alexander Nachaj.

Synopsis: In the near future, the world becomes a late-stage capitalist dystopia. Mega corporations rule from the upper levels of polluted, overcrowded cities.

Barker, a hardened criminal mastermind, finds himself broke and recovering after a job goes bad. While convalescing, a mysterious woman from his past – Meera Galatas-Sarwar – finds him and makes him an offer he cannot refuse: to get revenge on the people who sent him into his present state.

The catch? Pull off a near impossible heist taking place on the city’s Skyway – a glowing blue superhighway high above the towering cityscape.

To pull it off, he’ll have to assemble a killer team, put together a master plan, and hope it all goes off without a hitch. The one wild card is Richter, an inside woman, whose loyalties as questionable at best.

Will he be able to pull off the heist of the century? And what’s with the mysterious people following him in the streets? There’s more at play than Barker realizes.

It’s a tale that moves a mile a minute, and hits you before you know what’s happened.

Available now in eBook and print copies.