It’s an honest question.

Ask yourself: does your site engage your audience? Like really get them talking and coming back for more?

Does it encourage your clients complete their transactions? And then come back and repeat the process?

Does it make every visitor who lands on your home page look to the sky and triumphantly shout “FUCK YES! This is the goddamn real deal right here?”

No? Why not?

Let me guess: you weren’t working with a copywriter.

That’s okay. Not a lot of people see the value in words until their business gives them those uncomfortable feelings in their chest.

You know the ones.

Disappointment. Dread. Despair.

Sorry, if that got dark, but I’m not here to play nice.

I’m here to tell you the truth about your website.

The web is filled with garbage content. And there’s a good chance so is your site.

But like I said, that’s okay.

You weren’t working with a copywriter. Not yet, anyways.