Alexander Nachaj, Ph.D.

Where to begin?

I’m the director of paid ads and analytics at Higher Education Marketing – a Montreal-based marketing education focused on education.

Since starting at HEM in 2019, my team has helped dozens of schools in Canada and abroad retain and enroll more students by leveraging data-driven analytics to craft compelling messages and offers for prospective students searching for specific programs or courses.

I’m also an experienced SEO and copywriter, having lead the content strategy efforts for various startups in the ecommerce, InfoSec, and SaaS spaces. I’ve also written killer blogs and video scripts for clients in food, fitness, and EdTech.

I successfully defended my Ph.D. from Concordia university in 2021. At that same institution, I taught six undergraduate courses and acted as editor in chief for the Journal of Religion and Culture (JRC) between 2014-2017.

At present, I’m an independent scholar, working to promote the importance of interdisciplinary work in the fields of religion and men’s studies.

I’m also an award winning short fiction author. Some of my speculative screenplays have also made various festival placements and wins.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking and canoeing, as well as cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

Now that you know about me, what about you?

Whatever it is that’s on your mind, send me a shout or take a dive through my blog where I write about AI, tabletop RPGs, and films.

Either way, don’t be a stranger.