Creative Writing

Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi and Horror)

Guernica” in Grievous Angel (February 2017).

Koriolan” in Utter Fabrication . Mad Scientist Journal. (October 2017).

Say My Name” in Monster Mash Slash Fiction. Haberdasher. (Contest Winner, October 2017)

Old Mamgu!” in Aphotic Realm: Issue #2 – Banished! (November 2017).

Out with the Old, in with the New” in Antipodean SF: Issue 235 (February 2018).

Oxygen Charges May Apply.” in Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2020 (Dec 2019).

The World’s a Junkheap and We’re All Visitors Here.” in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. (January 2020)

The Perfect Model.” in Pride. Black Hare Press. (January 2020).

Brian Bumps His Head.” in Litro. (May 2021).

All Ye Faithful.” in Gluttony. Black Hare Press (2021).

“Little Light.” in West. Black Hare Press (Upcoming 2021).

“The Black Hand.” in Lovecraftiana (Upcoming Spring 2022).

Crime and Mystery Fiction

Too Good to be True” in Shotgun Honey (June 2017).

Unbreakable” in Shotgun Honey (September 2017).

May you find salvation.” in Shotgun Honey (June 2018).

Detour.” in Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels Vol 4. (April 2020)

Literary Fiction, Prose and Poetry

Mephistopheles” in Right Hand Pointing, Issue #108 (March 2017).

The Support Group for Lonely Men” in Flash Fiction Magazine (May 2017).

With extra toppings, please.” in Right Hand Pointing, Issue #116 (November 2017).

Non-Fiction and Essays

Opa, do you remember?” in FishFood Magazine (August 2017).

Why I Write.” in Fiction Southeast (September 2018).

“Time Enough: A Reflection on Robert Heinlein and his Body (of Work).” in Speculative Masculinities. Galli Books (Upcoming TBA)

Festival Selection Screenplays

“Revolutio-N” [Official Selection – Horror Short] Montreal Comic-Con Horror Fest (September 2014).

“1866: Song of the Pearl” [2nd Place – Thriller Feature] Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (May 2015).

“N” [Semi-Finalist – Horror Short] Los Angeles Cine-Fest (September 2016).

“Dead North” [1st Place – Horror Feature] Wild Sounds Festival for Horror (January 2016).

Summer Wine” [Quarter-Finalist – Horror Feature] Scriptapalooza (August 2018).

Snap! A Trap Goes Off in the Yard” [Semi-Finalist] Killer Shorts (2021).

As Editor

Ethan A. Kincaid. Blood of Midnight: The Broken Prophecy. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. 2014.