Blogs, Articles and Guest Posts

Note: the lists below represented a selection of works, and are not comprehensive (there are too many to list here – take my word for it).


“Let’s Be Honest: Libra isn’t a Cryptocurrency. It’s a Currency.” Altcoin. 2019.

“FBI Asking Canadians for Information about their Quadriga Accounts.” Hackernoon. 2019.

“QuadrigaCX Founder Moved Millions of Dollars of Assets into Personal Accounts Shortly.” Hackernoon. 2019.

“The Ongoing Fiasco and Mysterious Afterlife of QuadrigaXC.” Hackernoon. 2019.

“QuadrigaCX, Litecoins, and Losses: A Cautionary Tale from a Cryptocurrency Investor”. Hackernoon. 2019.

Fitness and Wellness

The Surprisingly Energizing Office Water Challenge.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

How to Double Your Team’s Camaraderie during the Next Wellness Event.” FC Squald Talk. 2019

Setting up a Fitness Room at your Office for Maximum Effectiveness.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

Pitfalls and prizes of company wellness programs: Four Takeaways from Superstore’s ‘step challenge’.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

Productive and Energized: Mastering the Walking Meeting.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

Wellness and personal goals: the two overlap more than you think.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

4 Powerful Tips for Massive Participation at your Next Wellness Event.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

Incentives Done Right: How to Increase Turnout for your Next Wellness Event.” FC Squad Talk. 2019.

Ecommerce and Automation Technology

3 Ways to Save Time with eCommerce Automation.” Shippo Blog. 2016.

A 5-point inspection of Shopify and Spree Commerce: Going the Distance with your E-Commerce Platform” SpreeCommerce Blog. 2015. [archived without graphics since 2019]

Turn one-time buyers into recurring customers” SpreeCommerce blog. 2015. [archived without graphics since 2019]

Spree Commerce vs. Magento Enterprise” SpreeCommerce Blog. 2015. [archived without graphics since 2019]


Top 10 Gospels You Won’t Find in the Bible“. Listverse. 2017 [as Alicia Sarkar]

Top 10 Challenging Religious Practices from Across the Globe“. Listverse. 2017. [as Alicia Sarkar]

Top 10 Satanic Scares in Recent Memory” Listverse. 2017. [as Alicia Sarkar]

Geeky Stuff

What Happens When Great Artists Make Their Own Lunch?“. Walyou. 2012.

Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi In Iconoscope“. Walyou. 2012.

If Marvel Superheroes Were Cats“. Walyou. 2012.