“The Roller Coaster” to be published soon in Litro

Photo by Somruthai Keawjan on Unsplash

If it’s been a little quiet on the blog lately, it’s because there’s unfortunately only so many hours in a day (and of those hours, only so many that are leftover for maintaining things like this site…)

A short literary fiction piece I wrote earlier this year titled “The Roller Coaster” was just picked up by Litro – a literary magazine / website that has readers in the UK and USA.

It’s a bit of an odd story, one that I wrote to be fairly open-ended and maybe a little unsettling. It has to do with a university student whose close bond with a young woman falls apart after he discovers she harbours a secret fear of roller coasters.

My lightly speculative story “Brian Bumps His Head” about a man who wakes up from an accident with remarkable powers was previously published there in 2021.

I’ll update the post when I have a publication date from the editors.

By alexander

Drinker of bad wine and writer of many things. Alexander writes fiction, manages a team of SEOs, and dabbles in food history. He also has a Doctorate in North American Religion and Culture and used to teach at Concordia University.