Presented at CREOR 2017

Over the weekened, I presented at my second conference this year. It was at McGill for the CREOR 2017 graduate student conference where I presented my paper:

Presence, meaning and the Christian Cross: Conspicuous Ambiguity during the 2013 Quebec “Charter of Values” Hearings.

The paper’s still a work in (slow) progress. I first began working on it some eight months ago, and presented an early version / similar version back in York in the spring. However, summer got in the way and the paper still isn’t done. Fortunately, I was able to collect feedback and trade ideas with several other scholars there.

My only regret, that I hadn’t brought a spare shirt. For some reason, September decided to drop a 30+ day on us. Spending it inside an old room with no AC, fans or windows that could open… well that was one sweat lecturin experience.

All the same, my thanks go out to the organizers of CREOR for having put it all together. As well as the free lunch.

By alexander

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