Once More Around the Block – Another Update

Well, it looks like I was lying when way back in September I boldly declared that I was finished working on the site and that it was ready for lunch. Looks like I decided to take it for one more spin around the block and all of a sudden it was dark outside and the clocks read 3:00am. I should have known better.

Without accusing myself of being a blatant workaholic, I have to say that there’s something rather addictive about working on your portfolio, liberating even. Pushing yourself that extra line of code, those last “fifteen more minutes”, running on caffeine to get the job done simply because it’s yours is something that few people, unfortunately, get to experience. I’d say that’s part of the thrill and the joy of working freelance; you set the limits, you raise the bar and you only work as much as you want or need.

So, to see me working on this site again at half past the middle of the night, it’s definitely leaning towards the want more than the need.

Strange how the holiday season is that time of year where I started looking forward to having more free time to work on my own projects.