More Recent and Upcoming Publications

What a year.

Despite working overtime, setting up a new home in a new city, and raising a delightful ball of unlimited energy of a daughter, I’ve found the time to keep writing.

A couple of new stories of mine are already out or upcoming with a couple of publishers.

My story “The Weak Man” about a man with an overbearing father-in-law and a trouble marriage looking for a way out has recently appeared in the delightful crime anthology Autumn Noir. Written under a pseudonym, it’s one of the more literary pieces I’ve published – and honestly a lot of fun to write something different from my usual pulp fare.

Next up, my story “Rosey Ruby” about a demented, demonic reindeer terrorizing a couple in rural New Brunswick will be appearing in Eerie Christmas 2 from the always wonderful Black Hare Press. It’s chaotic good fun and couldn’t be more different than the story I have in Autumn Noir.

Thirdly, another literary story titled “Split” will be appearing soon in the Scarlett Leaf Review’s still to be released November edition (to be released). It’s also written under a pseudonym to keep my more literary works separate from the violent sci-fi I’m more used to publishing. This story is about a young man who unexpectedly re-encounters a recent flame who unfortunately happens to be dating one of his friends.

By alexander

Drinker of bad wine and writer of many things. Alexander writes fiction, manages a team of SEOs, and dabbles in food history. He also has a Doctorate in North American Religion and Culture and used to teach at Concordia University.