Mad Scientist Journal’s Utter Fabrication – In Print

This has been a good week.

Mad Scientist Journal’s print anthology Utter Fabrication is now available. My speculative horror story “Koriolan” was one of the stories that made it through the grinder and into the collection.

It’s certainly a privilege (not to mention, exciting) to see to one of my pieces included alongside so many good stories and great authors – notably S.E. Casey, who’s probably my favourite contemporary horror author right now.

I’ve read about half the stories in there so far, and I can honestly say that I’m loving what made it into the volume. The shift in tone and setting from tale to tale was more varied than I was expecting, but it’s been pretty inspiring to see how many different ways other authors can spin the premise of the anthology.

I’ll try to update once again when I complete the collection, but I think my favourite story so far is “The Orpheus Well” by Dorian Graves. I love the way they re-spun the classic myth, making it urgent and modern all at once. We’ll have to see if any other story knocks it down a peg and takes first place.

The anthology was printed through Defcon One and should soon be available on Amazon, as both paperback and Kindle version.

By alexander

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