Books Updates

I read four books this week.

I read four books in a week.
I suppose there’s a first for everything.
In a way, I wonder if I could have done more. I was slowed down thanks to my regular part-time work, lecturing and course preparation, and the publication slate for the JRC, and all that jazz. Could I have gone through another 4 with those 40 hours reclaimed?
I’m not so sure. Being pressed for time — that is, knowing you don’t have enough time — can really do wonders for keeping you focused.
Part of me suspects I would have read less if I had more time, and spend the difference putzing about.
Anyways, before I go off sounding like some speed-reading hero, the devil is in the details.
The longest book was 210 pages, and the briefest 80 — making the whole ordeal roughly as long as a decent length Steven King book; albeit, decidedly more difficult to read (non-fiction, academic publications inevitably require more concentration).
Still, it’s a bit of a wonder that preparing for a composite exam can do so much to your free time — especially in light of a deadline.
Read 20 books in three months and then write an exam? Still daunting, but at least I’m off to a promising start.

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