Flight to tokyo

Woke up. 6:30. Cat licking my hand. Go to kitchen to feed her. Scott passed out on sofa. He awakes when I close the fridge. He can’t remeember if he watched boondock saints or thre episodes of homeland. Maybe he played xbox. The bottle isn’t finished, so that’s good. I dither in kitchen. Chug the last of the juice, have a bad bagel, one hour to go. Shower and down to 30 min. By this time next day I’ll be in Japan. I think.

I really don’t know how the time difference works. Google tells me I’ll be arriving 25 hours after I leave. Not sure how much is flight and how much is time change. Hope less of the former.

I arrive at airport two hours early. No one is there. Place is a ghost town. I get cleared and ready to board in 15 minutes.  Hour forty to go. I’m first there for my flight. Binge read Stephen King. I board safely and wait for takeoff

On plane for six hours. Lights out. Sky glows ocean green through the windows. They are strangely tinted. Probably for the best. Feels dark and safe in here.

It’s night somewhere and day somewhere else. The in flight map tells me we’re some place in the middle of both. will be arriving 25 hours after we left, spending only 12 on the flight. Half a day gone. Travelling into the future in less time than it takes to wait it out.

Watched film on flight called “predestination” about time travel. It was more ambitious than I expected. Listening to air canada’s lounge playlist. Only music that didn’t seem too offensive. That or rod stewart.

Man in business class sitting one row up and two seats over occasionally switches to porn on his tablet. He swipes away really fast to other screens when the drink tray passes by. He’s the only one in that row. Safe and sound with his airplane porn.

The illusion of night dispels. Someone flicked a switch. The portal tint fades to bright.  Headlights in the dark cabin. Outside is blue blue blue. We’re over the ocean.

Night falls again but day soon rises as we charge past the dark into the light again. I grow restless over lack of vegetarian food. I finished my beer and need another. I gonlooking in the crew cabi. Two young men in cargo shorts hold cans of molson. They joke that their wives are drunk. One drops his beer. Splash on the floor the flight attendant sighs. He cleans it up as the other hastily chugs his. A child enters past the curtain and into his father’s arms We talk of cities and Canada and where we want to live. We share a glass of water and I imagine it’s a beer. Maybe in amother version of this scene on a different flight it is. Just three men bonding somewhere over the ocean.

We’re over the pacific. Now there’s a thought. I return to my seat, beer acquired from a kind Korean flight attendant. Time for new movie. Gunman plays listlessly on the screen. Sean Penn has such a dad mustache.  The more he ages the more he becomes Harry dean stanton.

I think to myself Javier Bardem Needs to star in a raul julia biopic.

Sean Penn shower scene. Half expect to se really offensivetattoos on his arm. Old flame drops by and they bang. Plot moves forward arbitrarily.  I don’t believe this hetero normative love story for an instant. She’s 35 gorgeous and smart, he’s old and veiny. His personality socks too. Not a fair trade from Javier.

Movie culminates in tense scene with two men trying to penetrate each other. Rivals sean pennand nameless bd guy who looks like an Argentinian soccer player hold knives and grunt. His knife moves close to Sean Penns lips. Tension. The struggle is real then Penn wins. Spent whole movie rooting for bad guys. Less veiny.

Movie over, looking at flight statistics.  Cruising at 40000 feet. It’s currently negative 42 outside. Why is the air conditioning still on?

Flight is almost over. My tally is 3 beers 2 wine 2 coffee. No vegetarian food but pretzels. Living it.


By alexander

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