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I Won First Place in a Screenwriting Contest

Chalk up a win.

My horror-thriller screenplay “Dead North” set in apocalyptic Northern Canada just took first place at the WILDsound Screenplay Festival for Horror (part of the Feedback Toronto Film Festival). As a prize, Dead North earned a live-recorded table read.

I even got a little interview published on their site:

Horror/Zombie Feature Screenplay – DEAD NORTH by Alexander Nachaj

The director and actors certainly interpreted things differently than I had in mind. There’s a definite “Guardians of the Galaxy” vibe to it. Of course, when has anyone ever interpreted something the same way we heard it play out in our heads?

In film, everyone brings a little something to the table. Writer, director and actor together create the character, and leads to some interesting fusions.

A big thanks to the judges at the festival for their feedback, the crew putting the table read together, along with the actors and director for lending their talent.

2016 has been off to a good year!

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