Fall Project Update

Time flies as always. Projects come, and projects go. Time for another quick project update.

What have I been up to this fall? A few of the highlights include:

Content writing and basic theme management for the English side of an e-commerce website. The site is still technically under development, but it’s good to know that the bulk of the work is behind me. A couple hours of data entry is sure to follow, but I can tackle that once the time comes.

Completing the final editing and formatting touches a novel for one of my clients. I’m happy to report that I managed to not only did I finish that project two weeks before the deadline, but I picked up the pace and cut my original estimate short by close to 20 hours. You can expect to see a full post on the subject when the novel is published, which should be as an E-Book over Amazon and Smashwords by the end of the month.

Clerical work for a local Montreal production studio continues. Wrapping up the document editing for a series package that will be presented to the networks in the early spring. Again, this one’s under NDA so no more info until it becomes unwrapped.

Screen writing with White Skull Studios (independent horror filmmakers). Draft for a 3 minute short has been completed and most of the details sorted out. Shooting should take place mid-way through December.

And lastly: NaNoWriMo. Okay, this one’s a little bit of a disappointment. I waited 11 months to start only to come up with a pretty heavy month of November. So much for tossing 50, 000 words into a “just for the hell of it” creative project. I barely sunk more than 5000 into it. Though, it’s not as if I didn’t write 50k + words this month for other projects.

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