Back to blogging

It was the sudden realization that I hadn’t written a single word on my own blog since January that caused me to act. Sitting at my desk, feeling the breeze creep through the screen and listening to the rustle of the leaves of the big maple tree standing outside my room, occasionally knocking at my window reminded me that it’s been too long since I’ve contributed anything to this site, my site.

It’s not as if I haven’t been writting during this time; rather, that I’ve been busy writing for other mediums. Writing papers, writing content for clients, writing short stories and writing for friends have together managed to take up well more time than I was expecting them to. Not that I regret all the hours I’ve sunk into the sea since the winter, but I suppose I’ve been using them as a distraction, yanking me away from time and purpose where I could have been slightly more proactive at getting back into the saddle at an earlier date.

Well today is as good a day as any.

Since January, I’ve worked on no fewer than 12 projects for a handful of clients – with another dozen projects lingering in the air above our heads, just out of reach, and waiting for the day when they tumble down into reality – ahh the life of freelance.

I’ve lectured at Concordia a handful of times – twice on Shinto, a Japanese religious tradition which back during the early days of my academic career looked mighty tempting for a graduate pursuit, but ultimately lost out to other interests; and once at a conference where I presented as much of my graduate research as I could in a tiny 30 minute window, which proved to be less than half of what I wanted to say, but nevertheless is still refreshing to know that I can talk for hours on end about a relatively obscure subject such that I am currently an expert of.

This coming week I will be returning to Concordia, to finish up some research I’ve been performing on the side for a professor, as well as giving another lecture on Shinto.

Further than that lies the summer, and the question as to when and where I will be taking my vacation. Escaping for a week in the middle of the woods with a tent, a cooler and some friends sounds like a marvelously good means of escaping from the internet which dominates my days; a close second would be to rent a car, pick a direction and drive. Though, of course, I still need to decide when, which is really just a matter of making up my mind. We’ll see.