He’s off to Toronto.

I’ll be in Toronto the weekend of March 8-11th, presenting my paper “Conspicuous Ambiguity” at the Intersections / Cross-Sections Conference at York and Ryerson Universities.

Time to see what the weather’s like down South.


The Ford Brothers Soil Toronto, Again

Just when you thought the Ford brothers had said it all, the idiotic brother of Toronto’s Mayor McCheese says a home for autistic youth “ruined” a neighbourhood.

How about how he and his brother “soiled” Toronto?

Seriously – these clowns have slurred their way through everything from racism, sexism and homophobia, like it’s going out of style or something.

It’s gotten to the point where we’re all a little numb, like that frog in the pot metaphor from Dante’s Peak. Instead of jumping at the boiling water they’re pouring over us, we’ve become too used to their bullshit; we’re complacent, like the frog who boils itself in the pot.

Consider this: if any other political figure suddenly started shouting racist nonsense, was discovered smoking crack, found consorting with criminals, or caught on tape making homophobic and sexist remarks, there would be a genuine uproar.

Imagine what would happen here in Montreal if our mayor dropped an N-bomb, or one of our federal political leaders was caught calling their opponents a bunch of “f*gs”? It would be bedlam!

I think the difference is that these other figures are inherently decent human beings, while the Ford brothers are anything but. When you know someone is a no-good degenerate, I suppose it’s difficult to uphold them to the same standards as the rest of us.

We no longer expect racist white-trash to be anything but racist white-trash, so we just put up with it; and that’s really quite a damn shame, because Canada is better than the shit-covered image these two are painting of the Great White North.

Worse of all, they’re taking this complacency for granted. Every day that those jokers go on acting like they own the place makes the rest of us look bad because we’re sitting here putting up with it. We’ve become the parents who no longer care when their bratty kids go on a rampage at the Shopper’s Drug mart.

Calling them bratty children is actually a grade above their usual fare.

Toronto’s election can’t come soon enough. Let’s light a candle and clear the air.