Rise of the Movie Titles: Origin Awakening

Movie titles piss me off.

For an industry that supposedly stems from creativity, there’s a remarkable lack of it when it comes to giving titles to features. 90% of all movies released these days include one or more of the following bullshit word combinations as either a prefix, suffix or subtitle:

“rising”, “rise of”, “origin”, “first”, “last”, “return” “awakening” and “revelations”

It’s obvious why they include these nonsensical and borderline meaningless terms in their titles – it’s blatant sequel baiting if there ever was. But it begs the question: how many more origin stories do we need? Does every single movie ever made need to be a prequel or a sequel to the next big thing?

Apparently it does. Sequels of smash hits usually generate as much if not more cash from than new products would ever hope to from the average movie-goer, discerning cinema afficionado, and general yahoo combined.

This means of course that more of the same is more likely to succeed that someone pulled straight from the creative aethers. Newness is uncertainity and freshness is dangerous.

So much for being creative.