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Battlefield 4 Mouse Not Working Bug – Solved

Battflefield 4 is a buggy, but still somehow glorious, game. Too bad the damn thing doesn’t work most of the time.

After owning it for roughly a month and not being able to play without getting a blue screen of death every time the map loaded (yup, haven’t seen one of those screens in, oh, 5 years) the guys at DICE finally patched that problem and my video card no longer self-destructs on entry. However, as soon as I booted up the game again hoping to get some me time in with my system, a new bug stopped me at the gates.

Battlefield 4 doesn’t recognize my mouse or keyboard inputs.

The game gets to the deploy screen without a hitch, but I can’t get past the damn thing since it’s as if my mouse and keyboard aren’t working.

However, my mouse and keyboard are working since I can see my cursor move and easily ALT+TAB back to windows. So what’s up?

The Problem:

After some head scratching, I figured out what was causing the game to ignore my mouse and keyboard!

The problem is rooted in Google Chrome and the fact that Battlefield 4 has to launch through a browser.

Whenever you have Chrome running in the background, the game will still think you are using the browser and not register any of your inputs.

The Solution:

“60% of the time, it works every time”

As soon as you load the deploy screen, ALT+TAB your way back to windows.

Close every window of Google Chrome you have running (including the one that the game launched through), and then ALT+TAB your way back into the game.

And presto: with Chrome out of the way, Battlefield should now recognize that you have a working mouse and keyboard!

I’ve talked to some other people who were experiencing the same thing and this solution worked for them as well, so I’m not crazy.

Curiously, other web browsers seem to have no problem running the game – such as Internet Explorer!

Sadly, Chrome is my default browser but I have no intention of playing around so that the game opens up in IE every time I want to play.

So the best we can hope for is that they fix this little glitch in another patch down the road.