The NRA is Batshit Crazy

The NRA official response to the school shooting tragedies down south was a curious mixture of comedy and horror. Rather than rethinking their policies, humbling themselves or showing any sign of being aware of the times, their spokesperson Wayne LaPierre went off on an aggressive rant deflecting blame and responsibility and offering a borderline insane “solution” that suggests they only way to fight violence is with the threat of even worse violence.

LaPierre would every classroom in every school guarded by a “Good guy with a gun” (i.e. a retired male with firearm experience – hmmm) who would be there to put down any “bad guys” before they can see their nefarious plans to fruition. Not only would this be, according to LaPierre, the best solution but also the only solution. Either you’re with his plan or your with the school shootings; plain and simple.

To add “weight” to his statements, like any good politician, started tossing blame like it was a hot potato. The usual suspects of “dangerous” music and video games were named (though I’ve never really heard of someone being clobbered to death by a Nintendo cartridge or even a Rage-Against-The-Machine tape cassette) and apparently were more responsible than the gun manufacturer, the person who sold the weapon, the lawmaker who allowed such a weapon to be purchased, the shooter who armed himself or even the NRA themselves whose slogan is “Guns don’t kill” when in fact they really do -> No one has ever died from exposure to bad intentions. Usually bullets do the trick.

Apart from the utter ignorance of such statements made LaPierre, the most remarkable thing about his speech is that it proves, even now in the 21st century, there are still people who believe the world works in black and white terms, us vs them, where it’s an all out war between “Good” and “Evil”. One would have thought this kind of blind-faith stupid mentality would have died out after the Cold War and America finally realized that Russians really did kiss their children as they tucked them into bed at night. Instead, with one boogeyman gone, others have popped up to fill the space.

We’ve seen it all before, of course, demonizing the other, calling out what one doesn’t understand, and responding aggressively to the need for change and progress. We’ve witnesses the so-called “Wars” on drugs and terror, I suppose the next one will be a “war on school shootings”, where every participant is armed to the teeth not unlike a real war.

The worst part is that not is the NRA completely batshit-crazy, but that same mentality applies to large swaths of Americans. Conservative America has been dragging it’s heels since the 19th century, I suppose there’s no reason why we should expect them to act any differently now, especially considering the same racism, xenophobia and lack of education still permeate and combat the advances of reason. Read any message board on any news site (or the glorious hatemail that Daily KoS receive on their website) and you’ll see how viciously opposed to change these people are. If it’s different it must be bad, seems to be their mantra. Well, I hate to break it to ya, but the world has changed quite a bit since that ridiculous amendment.