The Students are Protesting Again. Now it’s about Austerity

Students can be the dumbest people sometimes.

It’s funny since they’re the ones going to school to “learn stuff”.

This week in Montreal, the students were back in the streets, protesting. What’s new right?

Back in 2012, students all over this province became intensely angry over the fact that we have the cheapest post-secondary education in North America. They were so angry, that they demanded our province make it even cheaper.

So, they went on strike, took to the streets, and generally caused a mess of things fighting with the police, quoting Leninist bullshit and annoying the rest of society.

In the end, after months of rioting, the then government under Charest lost the election and our current government under Marois came to power promising to halt tuition fees and generally be a party of the people. Hurray.

Of course, that turned out to not be the case, but that’s what you get for believing a bunch of vote-buying politicians.

Anyways, fast forward to this week – aaaand the students are back in the streets, only instead of bitching about having to pay a bit extra for their schooling (which is so cheap that they can actually afford to cut classes / work and protest the afternoon away without financial worry) now they’re bitching about austerity.

Austerity – charity on a national scale, really – the act whereby the other provinces of Canada give lots of money to this dirt broke province so that our government can pay for all sorts of cool social program, like university education.

Hang on a second!

Austerity is the only reason why education is so cheap in this province. If it weren’t for wealthy Albertans indirectly paying their tuition fees, none of them could likely afford to go to school (unless, of course, they got jobs too – but this is Quebec, there are no jobs here).

So now, two years after rioting because they thought tuition fees would go up – they are no rioting about the money pipeline that prevents those very same tuition fees from going up.

I don’t even…

Maybe there’s some rationale, some hidden reasoning behind this veil of psycho-logic which seems to be manifesting itself but at this point I honestly couldn’t care. Instead, what I’ve come to understand is that students are more interested in being angry and demanding changes, rather than working towards those changes.

Take the aftermath of the 2012 protests for example. Sure it was fun to feel powerful, knowing that Charest got kicked out in part because of what you did, but in the long-run (or actually, the short run) going out in the street by the thousands to mass demonstrate doesn’t help a damn thing. Those countless sleepless nights protesting against tuition hikes was all for naught since A)the PQ ended up raising them in the end and B) you and you’re fellow students are just going to protest literally the exact opposite thing two years down the road.

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