Peter MacKay Probably Doesn’t Like Women

Peter Mackay probably doesn’t like women. His behaviour indicates it; especially women who do things with their lives other than raise his children and fold his laundry.

That makes him kind of a shitty guy in my books.

If we were to look back at all the shitty things he’s done during his years as a government minister I’d have to stop blogging and start writing a book. So, let’s focus instead on his latest of many shit barrages.

A while back the Supreme Court of Canada struck down our prostitution laws because it made it too easy for women to be abused, abducted and disappear without any recourse. Think about it, Canadian women were vanishing or getting beat up and no one was lifting a finger – a clear fucking problem if there ever was.

So Pete tackles the law and comes up with a solution, a “Made in Canada” solution. However, instead of addressing the problems with the previous one, he decides to make the new one even harsher. Instead of protecting these women, he came up with a way to push them ever further to the fringes of society, underground, where no one can monitor or ensure their safety. In essence, it looks a like like his solution for prostitution is to make it easier for men to abuse women.

Shortly on the heels of this crap, we come to another issue: the lack of female judges in Canada. Women’s studies expert Pete explains it all: it’s simple, women are deeply concerned about their children and could never bare to be away from them for very long. Not like men. Men can concentrate on their careers. Boom.

Following this catastrophe, someone thought it would be alright for this man to send out official Mother’s and Father’s day emails.

First, he sends out a Mother’s day email emphasizing women’s accomplishments such as changing diapers an making lunches. Kind of misogynist, but nothing compared to a similar father’s day email that instead praised men for raising and shaping the minds of the next generation.

Apparently he thinks it’s okay to deflect the blame to a female staffer who typed up the emails – as if this political underling was able to dictate official government communication without a memo, pointers or any sort of review.

When a person in authority devotes even a fraction of his energy to being shitty to other people (and in this case, people who aren’t very much like him) then we have a serious problem in our hands. Canada was supposed to be an open, accepting and forward thinking nation. Instead we have Pete who wants to drive our gender roles back into the Middle Ages.

People voted for him.

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