I’m so tired of Superhero Movies Now

So I just got back from watching Avengers: Age of Ultron – yes, I know it’s been out for weeks, but I’m a busy guy – and what a strange sensation.

Okay, but first-off an aside:

Let me say that I was curious about all the fanboy hate and rantings, in particular with the vitriol that’s been spilled over the supposed “rescue scene” where the strong female character gets rescued by a strong male character.

Honestly, go fuck yourselfs people of Twitter who got bent out of shape over that Bruce Banner rescue. It was honestly just lazy screenwriting in one scene, not an all out “war on women” as it has been dubbed – which truth be told is kind of an insane accusation to level at the guy who basically ushered in single-handed the concept of strong female characters in films and TV back in the 90s.

You know, like Buffy.. or every female character on Firefly ten years later?

Anyways, people like to get angry over inconsequential shit all the time and that’s not what my sense of feeling weird out was about. Nor was did it have anything to do with the quality of the movie. Throughout the film the special effects were to die for, the action sequences were some of the best choreographed and shot scenes ever captured on screen, and the actors all seemed comfortable under the skin of their various characters.

So why did I walk away from that movie simply feeling kinda bleh?

I think it’s safe to say that Marvel Superhero movies have begun to plateau – at least in terms of my engagement with them.

Kind of like the way that the 3D sensation starts to wear off after about 20 minutes, so do the impressive set pieces, the fights with giant robots, the lazers, the slo-mo, everything.

There’s only so much action a person can take, with shit flying all over the place and blowing up, before we’ve simply had enough. It’s grown thin.

As Hawkeye put it in the movie itself: “The city is flying, we’re fighting an army of robots and I’ve got a bow. It makes no sense” – even the characters in these movies are starting to realize what sort of worlds they inhabit and are starting to see through them.

When Marvel phase three wraps up, it won’t come a moment too see. I think by then the whole world will be tired, having exhausted whatever superhero summer action cravings we were stock piling throughout the early 2000s. Those first few got us all pent up, but lately it’s just been release after release and it’s almost time to roll over and go to sleep.

So let me say it: we don’t need anymore unlikely heroes acquiring superpowers. We don’t need anymore PG-13 action movies. We don’t need to see any more cookie cutter origin stories, or any movies with the word “rising” it it’s title ever again.

Let’s get back to the nonsense of the 80s and 90s and follow the direction films like John Wick are pointing us towards. I think I can deal with that for a few years.

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