December Update

It’s been a busy last quarter of the year with numerous back and forths with editors! Here are some updates on my upcoming publications:

My story “Detour” was accepted into the next anthology coming out by Shotgun Honey. The contracts should be coming out early in the new year for an anticipated spring publication.

My essay “Time Enough” on the work of Robert A. Heinlein and homosexuality (or the lack thereof) which was accepted for publication last year in the Speculative Masculinities anthology by Galli Books should be come out in the near future. The anthology was delayed a couple of times but the editor is still fighting ahead and hopefully it will see the light of day soon!

I just went through with the editor of my story “The World’s a Junkheap” with Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, fixing the last of the typos and continuity errors. That volume still looks on track to be released in the coming months (or over the holidays).

I also did final reviews and edits for my story “Oxygen Charges May Apply” with Mad Scientist Journal. It will be their final publication – which is too bad, since they were a fun publisher (but at least they cranked out a number of volumes – including where one of my first stories was published two years ago).

Autumn Update and Upcoming Publications

It’s been a good couple of weeks.

Where most of the writing and publishing I’ve done this year has been decidedly non-fiction (such as reporting on cryptocurrencies over at Hackernoon), the last few weeks have been fiction-focused.

Since the end of Sept, I’ve landed three upcoming publications:

“The World’s a Junkheap and We’re All Visitors Here” (a short science fiction piece) will be appearing in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine around Christmas 2019.

“The Perfect Model” (a short horror fiction piece) will be appearing in the Pride: Seven Deadly Sins anthology coming out by Blackhare Press later in 2019.

“Oxygen Charges May Apply” (a flash science fiction piece written as an advertisement) will be appearing in Mad Scientist Journal‘s final quarterly publication in early 2020.

Both science fiction pieces are paid publications, which is a nice little bonus, while the horror piece acceptance opens up the submissions window to Blakhare’s paid anthologies which is an interesting twist on the submission process.

Google Ads Giving Strange Errors? Check Your Account Permissions

I’m no stranger to seeing Google suite and other products go down or turn up a good old 404 error like a novice website.

Today, I hit something different in AdWords (Errr, I mean Google Ads) while trying to create a campaign.

It’s not down, there are no messages appearing on the site, and the official Twitter account is quiet, but…

I think something went wrong. I think something went wrong. I think something went wrong. I think something went wrong.

You think an error might have occurred? It only says so four times.

However, what went wrong?

I suspect this space is usually reserved for the explanation as to what went wrong, but instead all I’ve got today Google’s panic voice.

To make sure something really go wrong, I went back to check to see if I really made an error, but everything is copacetic.

To further test if something is up, I rebooted my com, signed in and out, changed computers and the same thing every time.

The real breakthrough came when a colleague who is also managing the account attempted to create a campaign…

And he was successful!

That narrowed it down to my account being the culprit.

From there, it was a quick check up user an administrator under Tools and Settings > Setup > Account Access.

It turns out someone had accidentally set my account permissions to “read-only” – meaning, I could review the data in Google Ads, but couldn’t make any changes.

Those types of permissions were only every used for clients, so it seems something went wrong when setting up a client account.

Of course, it would have been nice if Google Ads had been able to tell me this was the case. It could have saved 10 minutes of head-scratching and running around.

So the next time you get a bunch of weird, unexplained errors, review your account permissions.