Blood of Midnight: Broken Prophecy now Available

Montreal fantasy novelist Ethan A. Kincaid’s debut novel Blood of Midnight: Broken Prophecy is now available in e-Book format. The first of three planned works, Kincaid brings his reader into a world where magic is real, souls have twins, and an ancient force known as the White Asp is carving a path of destruction across the known world. What role does a princeling with dark blood have to play in all this and who are the mysterious, bird-like Ducal people?Fans of Jordan will find a kindred spirit in Kincaid’s world.

The Amazon Kindle Edition and Kobo Edition are now available.

I had the honour and privilege of working with Ethan on this project over the past few months, finalizing the editing and getting his manuscript prepped for formatting and publication. If you are a fantasy afficionado, or simply looking to support a local author going the self-publishing route, give Kincaid a read; it’s only a fraction of the cost a  of paperback!

By alexander

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