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Doctorate of Philosophy (in progress)
Concordia University (2014 – Present)

Magisteriate in History and Philosophy of Religion
Concordia University (2010 – 2013)

Bachelor’s Dual-Specialization in English and History
Concordia University (2004 – 2007)

Courses Taught

RELI 325: Christian Saints
Concordia University, Montreal (September- December 2018)

RELI 223: Introduction to Christianity
Concordia University, Montreal (January – April 2018)

RELI 215: Religions of Asia
Concordia University, Montreal (September – Dec 2017)

RELI 382: Women and Christianity
Concordia University, Montreal (January – April 2017)

RELI 223: Introduction to Christianity
Concordia University, Montreal (September – Dec 2016)

RELI 210: Religion in Practice
Concordia University, Montreal (January – May 2016)


RELI 233: Introduction to Christianity
Concordia University, Montreal (September – December 2015)
Four sessions: The Papacy; Eastern Christianity; Roman Catholicism in America; Monks and Monasteries

RELI 378: Religion and the Body
Concordia University, Montreal (March, April 2015)
Two sessions: Animal Bodies; Hindu Bodies

RELI 215: Religions of Asia
Concordia University, Montreal (April 2012, December 2013)
Two sessions: Shinto, History of Japan


ENCS 282: Technical Communications
Concordia University, Montreal (September – December 2018)
Tutorial and assignment leader, under Mr. Bruno Grenier.

RELI 223: Introduction to Christianity
Concordia University, Montreal (September – December 2015)
Lesson planning, syllabus building, grading, lecturing under Dr. André Gagné.

RELI 378: Religion and the Body
Concordia University, Montreal (January – May 2015)
Lesson planning, quiz planning, grading under Dr. Donald L. Boisvert.

RELI: 225 Introduction to Hinduism
Concordia University, Montreal (August – December 2014)
Grading, student mentoring under Dr. Shaman Hatley.

RELI: 215 Religions of Asia
Concordia University, Montreal (January – May 2012)
Quiz planning, grading, lecturing under Dr. Shital Sharma.


CREOR (9th Annual)
McGill Universities, Toronto (September 2017)
Paper Presented: “Presence, Meaning and the Christian Cross: Conspicuous Ambiguity during the 2013 Quebec ‘Charter of Values’ hearings.”

Intersections / Cross-Sections
York and Ryerson Universities, Toronto (March 2017)
Paper Presented: “Conspicuous Ambiguity: Meaning, Presence and a Battle of Visibility During the 2013 Quebec ‘Charter of Values’ Hearings.”

Brave New World
Concordia University, Montreal (March 2013)
Paper Presented: “Navigating the Margin and the Mainstream: A Village, a Saint and their Bodies.”


AGIC: Religion, Ideology and Violence
Concordia University, Montreal (January 2017)
Conference Committee and Assistant Coordinator

AGIC: Body, Gender and Sexuality
Concordia University, Montreal (March 2016)
Conference Committee and Finances Manager

AGIC: Meaning in Motion
Concordia University, Montreal (March 2015)
Conference Committee and Essay Contest Judge

AGIC : The Once and Future World
Concordia University, Montreal (March 2012)
Panel Moderator and Organization Assistant

Academic AWARDS

Concordia Merit Scholarship
Department of Religion, PhD-level (June 2015 – May 2016)

Academic Publications

Please refer to my bibliography.


Work Experience

Writing, Editing and Researching Contracts

(September 2018 – Present) FitCompany
Copywriter for a team-building wellness company.

  • Revised website front page and all marketing documents.
  • Advised on promotional video scripts, landing page designs.
  • Researched competitors and established initial branding guidelines.

(May 2016 – January 2018) Core
Managing editor at a data-enrichment marketing automation service.

  • Drafted and edited web copy, marketing materials and product documentation.
  • Managed, wrote and edited for the Voices content series, focusing tell real-world small business challenges and triumphs.
  • Coordinated with team via conference call, proposed UI updates and fixes, and quality tested product.

(October 2016 – April 2017) EdClub
Lead writer at an educational software company.

  • Managed writing team for NewsBlocks project, presenting newspaper stories to kids in an interactive medium.
  • Wrote video scripts and drafted lesson plans for Digital Citizen project, introducing kids to computers, the web and other facets of modern technology.
  • Improved publication slate: 50% increase in minimum content per issue; increased release dates from 1 issue every 3 years, to 3 issues every year.

(January 2014 – October 2016) 202Strong
Copywriter for a Washington, DC gym chain.

  • Revised website front page and all marketing documents.
  • Drafted new promotional material.
  • Researched competitors and established branding guidelines.

(October 2014 – June 2016) Spree Commerce
Writer and editor for an e-commerce technology start-up.

  • Revised all existing technical documents and drafted content for site redesign.
  • Researched and prepared content for company blog and marketing material.
  • Research and compared competitor products, and translated this information into one-sheets and infographic content.

(September 2014 – October 2015) YellowPages: New Home
3-month initial contract (extended to 1-year). Neighborhood guide writer, editor and photographer for the Montreal area.

  • Wrote, researched and edited guides on individual Montreal neighbourhoods.
  • Researched real-estate and rental markets for changes and upcoming hotspots.
  • Photographed neighbourhood landmarks (cafes, cultural centres, parks, etc.)

(April 2013 – January 2014) Cinemaria
Primary writer for an ultimately aborted documentary television series set to be shot on location at the CHUM hospitals here in Montreal.

  • Wrote and prepared pitch documents, emails and other material for network submissions.
  • Researched and wrote spec scripts for sample episodes.
  • Worked with line producer to create budget proposals and samples.

(May 2011 – May 2012) Walyou.com
Content contributor for a leading technology and geek culture website.

  • Wrote, researched and edited 150+ technology and geek culture articles.
  • Coordinated with editorial staff and submitted deliverables within a narrow-time frame.
  • View my Waylou author page.
In-House Positions

(June 2014 – January 2018) Journal of Religion and Culture (JRC)
Editor-in-chief at a longstanding peer-reviewed graduate publication.

  • Revived a near-defunct academic publication.
  • Assembled new editorial team, implemented new app-based workflows to streamline operations and management.
  • Improved publication slate: 50% increase in minimum content per issue; increased release dates from 1 issue every 3 years, to 3 issues every year

(February 2014 – December 2014) Gradesavers Tutoring
Marketing coordinator and copy writer for a major Montreal tutoring company.

  • Designed marketing campaigns (social media, web ads, guerrilla and peer-to-peer).
  • Coordinated day-to-day marketing and copy writing tasks.
  • Oversaw website redesign and implemented new marketing team workflow.
  • Tutored students in history, marketing, English literature, and anthropology.

(February 2011 – May 2012) 21st Century Food
Marketer and copy writer at a modern, American catering and ready-made meal company.

  • Designed new web content and content architecture.
  • Oversaw implementation of new website.
  • Designed and coordinated marketing campaigns and social media strategy.
  • Coordinated and assisted in complete menu photography.

(March 2010 – February 2011) Sarah’s Universe Clothing
Marketer and copy writer for an “off the rack” style clothing website.

  • Coordinated storefront content with buyer and web master.
  • Uploaded and created product details.
  • Managed inventories across sales channels.
  • Managed social media and marketing campaigns.
Contributor and Editor

(February 2011 – November 2013) slashCast Podcast
Content contributor for an upstart podcast and geek culture website.

  • Wrote, researched and edited gaming, technology and geek culture articles.
  • Prepared and contributed to weekly Podcast.
  • Aided in sound-mastering and website maintenance. Composed opening theme.

(October 2010 – December 2011) Bacon ‘n Brains
Content contributor for a comedy and geek culture website.

  • Wrote and collaborated on humorous (and absurd) articles.
  • Planned editorial content, edited other contributor’s articles.
  • Assist in web design and graphic design.


Please refer to my bibliography.


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