But you already knew that, right?

I mean, you’re here right now because you Googled me. Or maybe one you Googled one of the many things I do or write about.

In any case, great. Nice to meet you. What can I do for you?

Let me guess? It involves writing.

Copywriting is my bread and butter. But I am also a scholar and author.


I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in English Lit and History, a Master’s in Religions and Cultures, and recently completed my PhD. My main research areas largely interdisciplinary, rooted in North American religion (notably, Catholicism), critical masculinity studies/ men’s bodies, celebrity studies, media studies, and the many intersections between these fields.

I have several peer-reviewed publications as well as three years experience in academic publishing (I was editor in chief of the Journal of Religion and Culture – a near defunct publication which I revived with the help of a great team).

I also taught religion and culture courses at Concordia for three years.

At present, I’m an independent scholar, working to promote the importance of interdisciplinary work in the fields of religion and men’s studies.


I’ve been slinging words professionally for 15 years. Mostly for technology startups, SaaS and e-commerce, but also wellness, food and even a crossfit gym.

I also do technical writing, documentation, editing, decks, white papers, content planning, and case studies.

If it you need wordsmithing that involves research or breaking down complex jargon into conversational English, I’m your guy.

But I don’t do just any writing for hire.

Bottom line: I only write copy that kicks ass.


Let’s not forget all that fiction I write in my spare time. A guy’s gotta keep busy, ya know?

I primarily write speculative fiction (think science-fiction, horror, etc.) but I also write crime and mystery stories.

My main publications are short stories, but I also do screenplays (including a few festival wins).

Now that you know about me, what about you?

Whatever it is that’s on your mind, send me a shout or keep drifting around my site. Either way, don’t be a stranger.